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A multi-purpose tabletop vaporizer unlike any other that lets you “fill it up and tip it back” in your session for a completely unique experience.

An Extraordinary New Experience- Unwind with a device designed to fit your tempo. Fill up your beaker and tip it back, as much or as little as you prefer, to experience a session curated for your desired pace.

Industry Leading Technology- Combining the innovative technologies of the Loov with an industry leading coil provides a robust yet smooth feel with every tip of the beaker.

Get the Party Started- An experience so unique is worth sharing with friends! When the time is right, Share The Loov with the hands-free session that will draw a consistent stream of vapor for 30 seconds.

Elegant,Detailed Design- Mid-century modern inspiration, paird harmoniously with a unique and progressive technology system creates an experience worth talking about.

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